Introduction to RB Software

Hi, Welcome to Redbear Software, we are a new Web Design company based in the UK. Our market segment is relatively low cost, high quality solutions, utilizing the latest web technologies. More information on the services and products we offer are listed extensivley on our site.

Future Projects
Future Projects

Latest Projects in Development

We are currently developing 1 big project that will be released to market in the future, this project is specifically for catering companies that supply services to business. The system is due for release on June 01 2014 for commercial clients. The system is called 'Catermate 5K' we will have a demo and full product info in the near future.

RB Soft UK

We are a new UK based web software company specializing in web design + software and more. We provide business extensive web software solutions. Our 1st commercial products + services will be available during 2014.